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Self Defense &

Close Combat Membership $85 /month

Youth Membership $120/month

1 Year Membership

(Only $480! That's only $10 per week)

Fitness Membership $85 /month

Self Defense Seminar

Tactical Advantage Memberships:

Self-Defense & Close Combat:

Including joint manipulation, pressure points, offensive and defensive blocks and attacks., violence survival training

  • $65 per month

Fitness and Skill Enhancement Training:

Improve your Power, Strength, Speed, Agility and overall Physical Fitness

  • $55/Month

Weekend Warrior Fight Club:

Be apart of the Fight Club where we don't come to train, we come to fight. Sharpen your combat skills by fighting against other club members. (Full protective gear is supplied. Rules Vary according to the match, and are strictly enforced.)

  • $125/Month

Private Classes Available


Group Rates

If you are a part of a church or organization and want classes at your location or wish to have your group come to us we have special rates. Please call for additional pricing that fits yours needs.

  •  5 or more People only $10-$25/Person

  • 21 or more People from only $10/Person


Special Offer!

 Personal Fitness Training

1 year membership only $480

Where will your body's health and fitness level be this time next year? With My Tactical Advantage, we'll help you figure that out with 365 days of personal fitness training for only 10 dollars week! That's a one year personal training membership for only $480! Exclusively with My Tactical Advantage LLC, community fitness and training center!


Seminar Price Guidelines

Average Price: $15 - $25 per person (Minimum 5 - 15 people depending on various factors including focus of seminar, distance, day of scheduled event)


Public and Charter Schools may enjoy a flat rate of $150 to $250

Price may be adjusted according to class size, location, and in some cases according to number of instructors necessary. Classes may accommodate up to 100 people.

Additional discounts may be applicable, i.e. Not-For-Profit organizations, low income organizations, community service organizations. Please ask about our discounts to see if you qualify)

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