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My Tactical Advantage LLC offers close combat, MMA, Karate, BJJ, martial arts, and self defense training for adults and children

We aren't simply a gym!
At our Fitness Center you get trained!

We provide a personal trainer who will train you or your family in the areas of MMA, self defense and close combat, martial arts, kickboxing, and almost ANY FITNESS area you desire to assist you in reaching your goals.

Fitness training includes tightening and toning, strength training, boot camp, interval training, and kickboxing. Workouts are individual effort, fine tuned to fit your needs and capabilities.

Self defense and close combat training, Karate, MMA and martial arts includes offensive and defensive tactics with hands on instruction for defense against single and multiple aggressors. Includes stand up, ground defense, armed and unarmed techniques and tactics personal training.

  • Personal Training 

  • Self-Defense 

  • Close Combat 

  • Martial Arts 

  • MMA

  • BJJ  

  • Kickboxing

  • Seminar Training

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My Tactical Advantage LLC martial arts
My Tactical Advantage LLC fitness, self defense, close combat, mma, martial arts school
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You are not a number or a bar code. When you walk into our center you will be treated as an individual working towards your personal goals.

Learn escape tactics, joint manipulation techniques, ground defense, pressure point control tactics, and defensive strikes.

Learn all self defense techniques and tactics, 3 ranges of combat, offensive and defensive tactics, stand up and ground fighting, multiple aggressor defense, and weapons.

My Tactical Advantage LLC Self Defense Seminar



• TRUST Youth Program


Call for our GROUP and Corporate RATES!

My Tactical Advantage LLC

13307 W. 7 Mile Rd

Detroit, MI


Private Classes Available

We can travel To you.

Call For Pricing.

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