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My Tactical Advantage LLC offers self defense, kickboxing, and fitness personal training | Detroit

We offer a three tier strategy including self-defense, close combat, and physical fitness training. Most schools offer one, with a minor focus on the others if at all.

MTA Self-defense presents you with motivation and confidence to overcome obstacles. MTA close combat provides you with both physical and psychological tactics so you may be efficient when achieving goals; so you don't waste necessary energy unnecessarily.

Self-Defense & Close Combat

Learn Self-Defense Techniques including joint manipulation, pressure points, offensive and defensive blocks and attacks. Techinques are taught and adjusted according to the strengths of the individual.

Weekend Warrior Fight Club

Be apart of the Fight Club where we don't come to train, we come to fight. Sharpen your combat skills by fighting against other club members. (Full protective gear is supplied. Rules Vary according to the match, and are strictly enforced.)

My Tactical Advantage LLC offers group fitness classes and personal training \ Detroit

MTA physical fitness unites the body with the mind, shaping and strengthening the body so that clients can better implement strategies to be successful in life and to improve upon their quality of living.

We offer Zumba Sessions on Monday & Friday at 6:30, and Saturday at 1pm.

My Tactical Advantage LLC offers children and youth self defense, karate, and martial arts classes | Detroit

TRUST Youth Program is an after school program that helps teach and reinforce the Twelve Leadership traits used by the United States Marine Corp when training Marines to exercise leadership qualities.

TRUST is an acronym standing for Training, Responsibility, Understanding, Strength, and Tact.

Youth are taught that with Training comes Responsibility, the Understanding to know how to use it, and the Strength to apply it with Tact. When this is achieved, TRUST is earned.

The leadership traits reinforced through learning self-defense and teamwork include JJ-DID-TIE-BUCKLE.
















Clients adopt new personas for themselves according to desired positive character traits and are inspired to have their actions, inner, and outer selves reflect this new identity during class.

Tactical advantage teaches a core curriculum of Self-Defense and Close Combat training supported by instructions in life skill tactics and self awareness.

Self-Defense classes target and build confidence and individual sense of self worth and self reliance by exploring and awakening the client’s physical and mental full potential.

Students also increase their security and safety awareness while learning dependable techniques to assist them in conquering hostile and physically threatening situations.

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