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Seminar Training

Corporate - Businesses - Organizations - Schools

Self-Defense Seminar Format:

Introduction to Self-Defense Presentation

30 - 45 Mins

Students will learn:


1. Personal safety and awareness strategies and techniques

2. How to improve health and fitness levels for persona security

3. Understanding their body as an organization

3. Personal and local security assessment (DRAW-D)

4. Morality review on appropriate use of force

Hands On Self Defense Training

45 - 60 Mins

Students will participate in a hands on class that teaches:

1. Escape Tactics

2. Pressure Point Control Tactics

3. Softening and Distraction Techniques

4. Defensive strikes and blocks

Question and Answers

Approximatly 30 Mins

Participants will have an opportunity to have answered specific questions for techniques to defend themselves from particular attacks and situations.

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Self-Defense Seminars

Interested in hosting

a training session at your


We can come to you!

Seminars Include

Training in...

Escape Tactics

Pressure Point Control Tactics

Anti-Bullying  Work Place Violence

Fitness for Defense

Strikes and Block Tactics and Techniques 

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