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Fitness Aerobics Bootcamp

Tactical Advantage Fitness:


Obstalce Courses

Cardio Equipment

Circuit Courses

Interval Training

Strength Training:

Body weight resistant workouts

Weightlifting Machines

Kettle Bell Fitness

Self Defense:

Cardio Kickboxing

Focus pad and mitt work

Punching bag workouts

Both Group Sessions and Individual Training Available

Who Are YOU?

TIred of not fitting the idea you have in your mind about who you are? Get the Tactical Advantage over your life and rebuild your body according to your mental picture.

NO games!

NO gimmicks!

Just tried and true workout methods. It's good enough for the U.S. Marines.

It's good enough for you.

My Tactical Advantage offers personal training with your own personal trainer!
My Tactical Advantage offers personal training sessions using interval training, boot camp, cardio kickboxing, tightening and toning, and strength training.
Strength training for fitness offered at My Tactical Advantage LLC with a personal trainer.
My Tactical Advantage LLC offers personal fitness training.

Personal Fitness Training

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